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Wales II Cadair Idris

When we went to Wales we climbed Cadair Idris. We got to see the lake at the top and climb a wall. Me and my sister were first at the top.

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Wales Holiday I (the beach)

In the Summer Holiday’s we  went camping in Wales. We went to the beach quite a lot of the time, we played a game we had made up Tidal Wave. You build a Sand Castle and walls and moats and you see who’s last’s the longest. While I was digging a moat I found a crab. We also found a dead jellyfisbarmouth-5h but we don’t have any pictures. We also got to ride on donkeys.

P.G.L Holiday

Hello everybody, in todays post I just wanted to tell you about what I did in the summer holidays [I know there over]. First of all me and my sister went to P.G.L at Marchants Hill. I was put in group 1 dorm number 9. We did lots of activities like Kayaking, Rifle Shooting, Jacobs Ladder and loads more. My favourite activity was… Continue reading “P.G.L Holiday”


Hi everybody just wanted to tell you that I play the French Horn and I’m now in orchestra. I also play the Guitar and I’m in the choir. I know this is a rather short post and kind of pointless, I just wanted something to write about. Also since terms started I won’t have that much interesting things to write about.

Pokemon Amigurumi

Pokemon Super PichuA few weeks ago my sister Maria from started making amigurumi pokemon toys. Continue reading “Pokemon Amigurumi”


Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Lisa and I love pokemon. My favourite pokemon is pikachu and the other starter pokemons from Palatte. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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