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Parkrun 5

In today’s parkrun I got a time of 00:14:48. I came 21st in my age category and was the 24th female. Overall I came 63rd.


Parkrun 4

In today’s run I got a new PB ( personal best ). My time was 00:13:02, I came 42nd and was the 11th female. I came 8th in my age category.

Parkrun 3

Sorry my post is one day late but I didn’t have time yesterday so I’m posting it today. My time was 00:14:00, I came 72nd, I was 28th female and 24th in my age category.

Music in Minature

Today I had a concert at the Music Centre. I played four pieces, two in a group (‘Gymnopdie’ and ‘Morning Has Risen’) and two solos (‘Funky Boogie’ and ‘Allegro’). By the way I played the GuitarĀ in the concert, some of you already know that I play the French Horn so now you know I play two instruments. If you wanted to know I’m grade 3 standard on the guitar and grade 1 standard on the French Horn.

Parkrun 2


Welcome back everybody, today I can tell you the results of my second parkrun. My time was 00:13:43 and I came 57th, the 21st female and 19th in my age category. I will keep on posting my time and score whenever I do a parkrun. If you want, I can post my sister’s time too.


On Sunday I started doing something called Parkrun, if you want to sign up clink on the link By the way this is free. This is my first run and I’m going to be going weekly. Continue reading “Parkrun”


Today on a school trip we went to Hitchin, it was lots of fun. We had to dress up as victorians for the occasion. We visited the British school museum which used to be a victorian school. Continue reading “Hitchin”


If you don’t already know, I have swimming lessons, and me and my sister recently completed Bronze. We’ve now moved on to Silver. For the final stage to complete Bronze you had to swim four hundred meters none stop! CRAZY! I still don’t know how I did it. Sorry about the fact that I haven’t posted a blog for quite a while but nothing that interesting has happened at school.

Sussex Holiday

When we went to Sussex we stayed in a caravan. There was an arcade in the area and we went to it almost every day. I got over 300 tickets and my sister only got 100 tickets. We also went to the beach, and if you’ve read my post Wales Holiday I (the beach) you’ll probably be thinking not the beach again. Well we did go to the beach and my sister collected some shells.

Continue reading “Sussex Holiday”

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